Company Profile

Hydronoa’s vision-

Hydronoa continues to lead in the tactical breaching, tactical rescue and cold entry fields by developing innovative & unique rescue and breaching gear, with the highest quality.

We will keep support and serve our clients with personal treatment to each.


Hydro-Noa Ltd. is a private company that has been operating since 1962 and is owned Mordechay Yirmiahu.

Hydro-Noa Ltd. develops designs and manufactures a line of high standard hydraulic rescue tools, tactical breaching tools / tactical rescue tools for fire squads and rescue teams. All products are manufactured and designed according to highest standards of quality assurance.

The tactical tools are ergonomically designed, lightweight, quiet and very easily operated. They are powerful, reliable and speedy in operation.
Most of the tools are designed to be operated by a single person (right and left hand operation) without dependence on electrical power or a compressed air source.


Hydro-Noa’s product line includes:



Hydraulic pumps

Door busters

Bar busters


Electric pumps

tactical tools and kits


Our products are designed to assist excitation, break-in and rescue when needed.

Our tactical tools can be used in common situations such as fire extinguishing, car accidents, or in major disasters such as train accidents, building and bridge collapse, air crash, earthquakes, floods, nuclear catastrophe or hostage rescue.

Our exclusive product line is adequate as standard equipment at:

Special army and police units

Fire brigades

Anti terror units

Air and marine ports

Civil heavy industry, electric power stations

Nuclear sites

Federal and/or civil rescue administration authorities

Municipal authorities

Intelligence and more

Hydro-Noa provides technical service and support, professional instruction and product warranty.

Our products are listed and approved by the Israeli government in the list of “buy back” products. This benefit can be utilized for business and financial advantage.