The MENNY D4 model is a portable lightweight door-forcer, easy to operate under any condition.
It requires no energy source, making it suitable for both security and fire forces to breach steel
The Menny D4 is designed for Special Forces and anti-terror units. The Menny D4 is yet another
solution for forcing in and breaching of massive doors within few seconds. (breaching within 4 sec’
from setting) The device can be carried on the neck, with a unique strip, allowing easy operation
and quick setting. The door-forcer includes the power-assisted HPN 4190D . The setting is being
done by a silent fixed 360° rotatable manual pump.
This model is able to deal with doors up to 1675 mm, Relevant for both right and left doors.

  • Technical Data

  • Weight: 21.98 kg.
  • Pump weight: 21.35 kg.
  • Length (closed): 732 mm.
  • Length (open): 980 mm.
  • W. Pressure: 400 bar.