HN-775 tactical door breaching

The HN 775- tactical door opener is designed for special operations when size & weight are a major factor.
This tiny device has a capability of door breaching of up to 2.5 tons (as well as other tasks) .This model can breach doors both inwards/outward opening doors. Door breaching using this breaching tool doesn’t require standing in front of the door (left or right doors) during the door breaching. It has fixed 360 ° rotatable manual tactical pump. The HN-775 tactical door opener requires a single operator. It is the perfect solution for: tactcial door breaching, undercover, intelligence tasks etc’. The tactical door openerer is carried on shoulder with special strap or in a pouch.


  • Technical Data

  • Weight: 4.98kg.
  • Dimension (closed): 227X130X195 mm.
  • Length (open): 340 mm.
  • W. Pressure: 400 bar.