HN-534-Tactical spreader

The tactical spreader is unique by its size and tremendous power, up to7500 Kg. Its uniqueness is by its
small tips which can be used in narrow places where access is limited and bigger equipment cannot
perform or is irrelevant. Though physically small, the tactical spreader can be used for lifting concrete blocks and debris, piles, for breaching doors, elevators and for other tactical missions or rescue missions.  The tactical spreader is mostly suit for swat, military, fire fighting, police and other rescue forces. The tactical hydraulic spreader can be operated by any of our tactical pumps.

  • Technical Data

  • Weight: 9.36 kg.
  • Pump weight: 3.8 kg
  • Dimensions (lxwxh): 345X125X110 mm.
  • Width (closed): 5mm.
  • Max. Width open: 115 mm.
  • Spreading power: 7,500 kg.