The bar buster is designed to enable security or rescue forces to penetrate protected dwellings,
through barred windows .The bar buster is multi functional. The device spreads apart the bars,
creating a gap, large enough for people to climb through. Alternatively, it may be used for ripping the
bars out of the wall. Furthermore it can be used to lift gates and different objects etc, the bar buster
has a 360 º adjustable sledge allowing it to fit in a wide range of sizes. Although it’s small size, the
device is very powerful and does not require an external power source. Designed to be carried on
shoulder, it is portable and light weight, noiselessly operated by a single person.
* All models are available in the K series, without fixed, 360 ° rotatable pump

  • Technical Data

  • Weight: 7.5kg.
  • Length (close): 625 mm.
  • Width (closed): 130 mm.
  • Range (closed): 90 mm.
  • First Spread: 405 mm.
  • Second spread: 810 mm.
  • Max. Power: 1,500 kg.