The Hydro-Noa Rescue Ram Model HN 270 has been developed for use in rescue situations in which it was necessary to widen openings or either to remove an accident victim or to allow access for rescuers. The HN 270 may also be used in rescue situations to push away obstacles that prevent the removal of the victims. The HN 270 is also designed to be used for pulling operations. The HN 270 will enlarge an opening to a maximum of953 mm (without the extension) and1263 mm and1653 mm (with extension). The HN 270 may be powered by a hydraulic power unit (with twin directions), an electric power unit or a hand operated hydraulic pump.


  • Technical Data

  • Weight: 14.2 kg.
  • Length (closed): 600 mm.
  • Length (open): mm.953
  • Length (open with extension ): 1263 mm.
  • Length (open withHN-271 extension ): 1653 mm.
  • Opening power: 9812 kg.