The Menny B-2 door buster is used for inwards opening steel doors. It is designed to enable security
forces and special units the best solution for dealing with massive inwards opening steel doors such
as: double-wings doors improvised doors and well protected doors. The device performs under
tough conditions.
It can be carried on the neck, by means of unique strip, allowing easy operation and quick setting.
Relevant for both right and left doors.
Setting of the device is almost silent due to the 360 ° rotating fixed pump on the horizontal cylinder
This model is able to cope with doors with a frame width up to1675 mm.

  • Technical Data

  • Weight: 21.98 kg.
  • Pump weight: 21.35 kg.
  • Length (closed): 732 mm.
  • Length (open): 980 mm.
  • W. Pressure: 400 bar.