The hydraulic pumps developed by Hydro-Noa includes many special & unique features. The
pumps are lightweight and can be carried on a belt or shoulder. They are all easily operated by a
single person. All pumps are designed to be highly durable and with almost zero maintenance. The
following types are available:
· Hydraulic manual pumps. Permanently connected to the tool (creating a closed system)
allowing a full 360° rotation.
· Hydraulic manual pumps which are connected to the tool by means of a flexible hose with quick
release couplers. These pumps, designed to be carried on the belt, they are lightweight, portable, easy
to operate at any angle and suitable for conditions where the operator may require an easily connectable
auxiliary power.
· Compressed air operated hydraulic pumps are powered by a compressed air cylinder and can be
carried on the back.

  • Technical Data

  • Weight: 3.2 kg.
  • Length: 370 mm.
  • Width: 100 mm.
  • W. pressure: 400 bar.